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Born With A Heart Defect

January 10, 2022 Kaila Maguire Episode 56
Parent Tell
Born With A Heart Defect
Show Notes

This week Kaila got a crash course in congenital heart defects and what it's like to raise a child who is not only born with a heart defect but diagnosed with a pretty rare one in utero. Paulette, of the podcast War Stories From The Womb, tells the story of how she came to find out that her daughter had a congenital AV block while she was still in the womb, how that impacted the rest of her pregnancy and delivery, as well as what it's been like doing her best to keep her kiddo alive and thriving for the past 19 years.
It's not all dark and twisty, however; the moms still manage to crack jokes about exotic high school field trips, the masterful ability to completely deny one's internal freak out, and whether or not sleeping in socks is what we should all be doing.

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