Parent Tell

Moving Through Secondary Infertility

May 30, 2022 Kaila Maguire Episode 73
Parent Tell
Moving Through Secondary Infertility
Show Notes

This week on Parent Tell Kaila discusses secondary infertility with Kyla. Kyla had an extremely easy time getting pregnant with her now 6 year old, but when it came time to try and conceive a second child she was met with extreme roadblocks. Kyla explains her experience with fibroids and how it ultimately meant that she would not be having a second child. Kaila and Kyla talk about acceptance, intrusive comments from strangers, and how finding community can help you feel supported in whatever your fertility journey looks like.

Kyla Saphir is a mother, yoga instructor, early childhood educator, and the author of the new children’s book On Brighter Days. She lives in Columbia, South Carolina, with her husband, 6 year old daughter, and their wild dog, Nia.

The inspiration for the book, On Brighter Days, came from Kyla's personal experience with secondary infertility. She is the youngest of five children in her family and wanted her daughter to have siblings as well but it wasn't possible. When she looked for books for her daughter to read about their experience, the bookshelves were empty.  Kyla is passionate about high quality children's literature and so she and her daughter decided to write their own book addressing these feelings for other parents and only children!

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