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Diastasis Recti & Honoring The Body's Changes

February 28, 2022 Kaila Maguire Episode 63
Parent Tell
Diastasis Recti & Honoring The Body's Changes
Show Notes

On this week's episode of Parent Tell Kaila speaks with Leslie Abraham of Bonjour Baby podcast! Leslie is a French perinatal osteopath DO and exercise specialist with over 12 years of international experience. She is the founder of Bonjour Baby and the creator of the Postpartum Body Solution program. When she moved to the US in 2016, Leslie was shocked by the differences between prenatal and postnatal care in Europe and in the US. She now offers her 1:1 signature program to all women who gave birth weeks, months or even years ago, and helps them heal their body the right way, take back control of their health and life, find their identity as a new mom, and finally feel like their old selves again. Kaila had a fabulous time talking openly with Leslie about diastasis recti, pondering the reasons why  postpartum care is so abysmal in the US compared to other countries, and venting about the toxic 'bounce back' culture that still haunts birthing people. Not surprisingly, all of the above topics are related to one another!

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